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My Name Is Lauren


My name is Lauren and I am an addict.

It’s been a tug of war all my life; I want it but I fear it, I love it but I hate it.

I’m here to say that it’s so strong now that I cannot resist any longer.

I wake up every day and need it, I drink it, I breathe it in, I smell it, I feel it, I am it. 

When I am away from it I miss it, when I am with it I am whole.

I am addicted, and if I try to walk away now, the taste of it will linger at the back of my tongue and taunt me every time I drink, the smell of it will hang around in certain corners of my room and I will breathe it in unbeknownst, the feel of it will be hidden between my sheets and awaken me from my rest.

Now I’ve found it, I can never let it go.

Nothing can come in the way of me and it.  It is me and it against the world.  Together we will conquer.

I cannot do things for the sake of doing anymore, when I am it I feel everything and time doesn’t exist, and when I am not it I feel numb and watch the seconds go by slowly.

I am not alive when it is not there, I am just walking towards death.

My name is Lauren and I am an addict and slave to writing and writing makes me an addict and slave to life.

I am life.

What are you addicted to?


3 Life Lessons to Learn from Steve Jobs

This speech will go down in history.

1) Trust that it will all work out

You can only know how it all pieces together once you look back.  Right now you just have to listen to your gut, heart, intuition, faith and believe that it will all make sense one day.

2) Follow your heart

“Don’t waste your time living someone else’s life”.  Do what you are naturally interested in and stop trying to live up to expectations placed on you.

3) Remember that you will die

Death is the change agent.  Really comprehending that one day you won’t be here anymore gets rid of all fear and insecurity.  Do what you feel is truly important – and stop worrying about all the rest.


How To Reignite Your Passion At Work

Do you remember when you were offered your job?  The thrill and joy for having achieved your goal.  Do you remember your first day?  The excitement of sta704765_69654671rting something new, meeting different people, a journey onto a brighter future…

How long ago was that?  How do you feel now?  Are you happy at work?  Maybe you feel like many others – dissatisfied, lacking motivation, like you’re going through the motions just to get your monthly salary…. deluded by a job that you thought would increase your happiness rather than decrease it.

If so – before laying all the blame on the job itself, the people, the environment; I would recommend you dedicate just one day to see if it’s really work that needs to change, or you.  It’s a small commitment, but with the potential of a large return.  What I want you to do is act like it was your first day at work all over again – just once.  Follow the steps below to activate your inner newbie nature:

Your First Day at Work

1) Power dress

It’s your first day – so Power Dress.  Your clothes reflect the way you feel and therefore affect the way you work too.  Power Dressing means wearing clothes in which you feel confident and attractive, and spending time on your hair and make-up (if appropriate).

2) Arrive early

Wake up 15 minutes earlier than you normally do to allow extra time to Power Dress, and to be able to enjoy the walk to the bus rather than doing the hippety-hoppety run.  If necessary – take an earlier bus to make sure you can stroll into the office, make a cup of tea or coffee before you start, and settle down in a relaxed manner before your start time.

3) Treat everyone anew

You’ve probably written off the majority of your work colleagues as just that – not potential long-term friend material.  But just for this one day – act as if each conversation you have with a colleague was new; ask them how they are and genuinely mean it – talk about what they are getting up to at the weekend and genuinely mean it. You might be surprised by where the conversations lead – what you find out that you didn’t know before, and how they treat you differently because of your increased enthusiasm and interest in them.

4) Try your best

Your parents probably told you this over and over, and they were right, as long as you did your best – that’s all you could have done.  For this one day – do every task as if you wanted to impress your boss – as if you’d just started and still needed to prove yourself.  Do everything carefully, slowly, and diligently.

5) Offer out your skills

Ask your boss if he or she would like any extra help, and also your colleagues around you.  You could even offer your skills out to other departments; who knows what potential growth this could mean for you, and also for future career progression.

6) Turn off the Social Media

Remember – it’s your first day, at this point you don’t know if your emails and Facebook usage is being monitored, so switch it off and do what you’re being paid to do.

7) Smile at everyone 

At the beginning of your new job, you are desperate for friends and to be approved, so smile a lot.  By the way – smiling with your eyes crinkling too, has been proved to boost your mood and make you feel happier.

8) Tidy up

A tidy desk and work area means a clear mind – so make sure when you leave – you leave things organised and neat, so that when you come in the next day you don’t feel like you are bogged down by yesterday’s mess.  Then you can start afresh….

On your next first day at work. 

How do you feel now after your first day at work?  Did you enjoy it?  Could you make every day like this one?


Who Are You Trying To Impress?


I found this beautiful quote and image on Lifehack, and it really resonated with me.  It posed the question; how much of what we do – is done to get approval from others?

Personally, I have always harboured a dream for running a marathon and climbing Everest.  These two ideas for me are on a mental ‘I will have succeeded in life if…..’  which when put like that – is a little ridiculous.

Questioning yourself about why you want, need and desire certain things or experiences in your life – is a chance to Grow.

Whilst writing this post, I realised that I don’t really want to fulfill either of those dreams.  Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed walking the Shine marathon in aid of Cancer Research, because it involved long chats, some casual sightseeing of London and portaloos (none of that peeing on the roadside!).  But the idea of running for hours on those long endless stretches of road, just doesn’t do it for me.  Equally, climbing a mountain in freezing temperatures with a certain death-risk involved, doesn’t really appeal to me either.  Sure – the view would be amazing, but I’ve been lucky enough to experience incredible views by taking a ski lift.

Why would we harbour such dreams and goals for ourselves which we do not really want?  In the Name of Acceptance.

At a young age, I took these cliched ideas and made them my own, because I thought that to have really achieved in life – you needed to have ticked a long list.  It is almost as if I believed that depending on the era you were born, your little number foot-tag got engraved with ‘Must Dos Before Death’ in it.  That’s not to say that these dreams aren’t amazing, they just aren’t mine, and never have been.  And whilst I let them RIP, I am sure that someone else will pick them up for me instead.

The need for acceptance is universal.  We all want to feel Significant, Appreciated and that we have Succeeded in life.  But not everyone has to climb mountains or run marathons to feel that.  Plus – initially you might find that it makes you stand out, until you realise you just joined the ‘I climbed Everest’ club alongside thousands of others.  It is rare for an idea to be new, or an experience to not have been lived before, let’s face it – you probably won’t be the first and definitely not the last.

However, what is unique is the meaning You give that experience.  You are unique.  All the dreams you harbour should be in the name of fulfilling Your own needs, not the missed opportunities of your parents, the copying of ideas from celebrities – make your dreams a pure, unedited expression of You.

Do whatever you’ve got to do – because you want to.  Not so you can Tweet and Facebook about it whilst you’re doing it and be that person who ticked off something on the generally accepted ‘achievement’ list.

Here’s a little tip – photographers excluded.  Only take one photo of an experience, which you can keep forever to evoke the feelings of a memory, don’t spend your whole life looking through the lens wondering what others will say or think when they see what you’ve been up to.  Breathe in the air and be present in the moment.  Share that one photo so you can encourage others to follow their own dreams, not so you can get outside approval.

You don’t need it, you’re already perfect.