277826_135856899887801_1434432000_oI’m Lauren and I am currently a full-time blogger and aspiring yoga teacher.  I set up this blog in 2012 as a place to express my ideas and passion for life, but didn’t focus on it or believe that it could be anything worthwhile.  At the beginning of 2013 however, I had started to take a different, truer path. I had quit a job I didn’t like in Recruitment, and also made some new friends who had similar ideas and dreams as me.  This lead to one day finding myself back at the wonderful world of WordPress, with a new and inspired vision of what this blog could really become.

Here I am, aiming to make Inspire Me the best place on the internet to find Inspiration, Motivation and Stimulation for us all to be able to enjoy an Abundant Life.

In the Articles section I attempt to transcribe my thoughts and observations into words, discussing and providing ways for all of us to get more out of life.

Everything I write about has been inspired by my own life; the experiences I have had or am having, the techniques and tips that I have used or am using. 

The PD Guinea Pig section contains writing on the personal development challenges which I set myself.  This makes me accountable and also helps motivate me.  I hope that by sharing my thoughts and experiences that you will be inspired to take on your own challenges.

All experiences are recounted openly and honestly without any attempt to promote a specific company, idea, or activity.

In the Videos, Quotes and Links sections, I share things I have found which Inspire Me!

If you like what you read, please Follow Me on Facebook and share anything you love with your friends.

If you would like to email me with any comments, suggestions, ideas for a PD challenge or just to say hello: Lauren@inspire-me.co

Thank you for stopping by!




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